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Smeal College of Business Testimonial

Leadership Coach & Speaker

I first heard him speak at a workshop for developing an organization’s vision, mission and strategy, and he was able to effectively relate his experiences as a student organization president to all of us attending.  
During our first session, he spent time getting to know the story of my organization and my original set of plans for my term. With each new session, he further challenged my ideas for the org and continually gave me the tools to hone in on a clear direction. He acted as a great sounding board and was always as close as a call or text away. His coaching sessions had me work more efficiently with my leadership team. I know his sessions were the reason I could take my org to new heights and leave a legacy in just one year.
I have the utmost appreciation for Roger, and anyone who is on the leadership team needs to be talking to him for his expertise and perspective!
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